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This page shows the quickest and easiest way to mark out and fit your drawer front

If you would prefer to watch a video of this procedure, click here

Tools and materials required.
  • Your drawer front
  • Complete drawer box kit
  • Measuring tape
  • Set square or similar
  • Pencil
  • Cordless drill driver or equivalent
  • 10mm drill bit
  • Tape to mark depth of drill
  • Completed drawer box is in position
  • The position of the top holes on the fixing brackets have to be transferred onto the drawer front

  • Measure from the outside of the base unit to the centre of the top hole on the fixing plate
  • For your reference, this size should be around 33mm

  • Lay your drawer front as shown with the inside top marked in pencil
  • REMEMBER to deduct the side clearance before marking the drawer front
  • Just to clarify, the side clearance is 4mm because the unit is 500mm wide and the drawer front is 496mm wide
  • This 4mm is halved to give 2mm clearance per side
  • Mark the line on your drawer front as shown
  • Measure from the underside of the upper drawer front to the centre of the top hole on the fixing plate
  • REMEMBER to deduct the top clearance before marking the drawer front
  • To clarify, the top clearance is usually 4mm - 5mm
  • Mark the line on your drawer front as shown
  • You are now ready to attach the fixing plate to the drawer front
  • The fixing plate must be removed from the drawer side
  • First remove the plastic cover by pulling from bottom corner as shown
  • Using Phillips screwdriver follow instructions below
  • Push screwdriver in until the small sprung plate moves up as shown
  • This exposes the full crossed slot allowing you to push screw driver in
  • Now twist clockwise as shown
  • As you twist clockwise, the plate should move out then fully release
  • Repeat the same on the other side
  • You can now fit the plates to the drawer front
  • Place the plate as shown with the hole in position over the pencil marks
  • Where the lines cross marks the centre of the top hole on the fixing plate
  • Screw the plate into position using the 15mm screws supplied
  • Repeat for the other plate
  • You are now ready to drill the holes for the gallery rails
  • Extend the marked line as shown as this is also the centre line for gallery rail
  • Measure along 128mm from first hole in fixing plate and mark a line as shown
  • This line marks the centre of the 10mm hole for your gallery rail
  • Put tape on to the 10mm drill marking the depth of the gallery rail end
  • This will prevent drilling too deep or coming through the front of your drawer face
  • Drill both sides to the required depth
  • Put the end of the gallery rail in the 10mm hole at right angles as shown
  • When you straighten the rail, the end expands and becomes a tight fit in the hole
  • With both rails in place, you are now ready to fit the front on to the box
  • With the drawer box slill in position in the runners proceed as below
  • Hold the drawer front as shown and line up the plates 
  • Push the drawer front into the sides until both sides click into place
  • Next, line up the gallery rails with the fixing at the back, and push down to click into position

  • With the drawer front now in position, you can check the clearance all round and decide on adjustments required
  • See below for procedure to adjust your drawer front.
  • Drawer front can be adjusted as shown in photo
  • Top of drawer front can be adjusted out or in by turning orange barrel as shown
  • When adjustment is complete, slide the square cover as shown
  • When you are happy with adjustments and drawer front clearance, click the plastic covers back into place as shown.
  • The drawer box installation is now complete and you can re-fit the handle or knob.