See below the three simple steps to measure for your replacement drawer box.

If you need help to measure, you can call, email or text for assistance.
Have PHOTOS? text to 07801 703093 or email (7 Days)

This is usually either 15mm or 18mm, but we can make drawers for any size.

This is usually 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm etc.

We use these two sizes to calculate the actual opening width or Aperture
Eg, A 600mm wide base unit with 18mm thick sides is 600 - 36 = 564mm APERTURE

Our standard (stock) runner length is 450mm.
The minimum measurement front to back inside the base unit must be.... 
RUNNER LENGTH + 3mm for External / Replacement drawers 
RUNNER LENGTH + 10mm for Internal drawers 
Other runner lengths available 270mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 650mm
For non standard sizes, please get in touch with your measurements and requirements.