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This page shows the quickest and easiest way to mark out and fit runners for your drawer box.

If you would prefer to watch a video of this procedure, click here

With the drawer box assembled, you are now ready to fit the packer and runners
  • Some general observations for fitting the internal shallow Metabox 
  • The 25mm packer supplied with your kit goes on the hinge side of your unit, and allows the drawer to clear the hinges
  • If the packer can fit above the hinge, the MINIMUM space required is 50mm from the top bar of the unit to the holes on the packer
  • If the packer has to go under the hinge, the only requirement is that it is fitted at 90 degrees to the front of the unit (this can be done best by checking with a set square).
  • To assist with the positioning, please note that the measurement from the bottom of the box to the centre of the holes in the packer (and runner) is 85mm
  • Apart from the above limitations, the drawer can be fitted anywhere in the unit

  • In this case we are fitting the packer 50mm down to the center of the holes
  • Packer (and runner) is fitted 5mm back from front edge.

  • Screw the front of the packer first, ensuring it is quite firmly fixed
  • Make sure it is completely level by checking the distance front and back
  • Next, screw the packer firmly into position with the other two screws supplied

  • Next draw a line through the centre of the holes in the packer using a set square

  • Hold the runner level to the front of the packer, and make sure the line runs through the centre of the holes
  • Mark all the SMALLER holes, including the hole directly behind the nylon roller.
  • On the other side, mark a line 5mm back from front edge and 50mm down from top
  • Again, hold runner up to these markers and mark smaller holes
  • Use your cordless driver and a screw to start the holes before presenting runners
  • Just start the holes off, do not go in the full length of the screw
  • Finally, fit runners using the SMALL screw holes
  • Make sure the screws do not go in at an angle, as this can snag the drawer
  • Repeat the process for the other runner
  • Put the drawer in place by lining up the rollers and let the drawer roll into position
  • Installation is complete